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March 22nd, 2008EventThe French Swimmer Alain Bernard sets the world record of 47.50 for the 100 m freestyle long course after winning the European LC Championships 2008.
March 22nd, 2006EventETA, armed Basque separatist group, declares permanent ceasefire.
March 22nd, 2006EventBC Ferries M/V Queen of the North runs aground on Gil Island British Columbia and sinks; 101 on board, 2 presumed deaths.
March 22nd, 2006EventThree Christian Peacemaker Teams Hostages are freed by British forces in Baghdad after 118 days captivity and the death of their colleague, American Tom Fox.
March 22nd, 2004EventAhmed Yassin, co-founder and leader of the Palestinian Sunni Islamist militant group Hamas, and bodyguards are killed in the Gaza Strip when hit by Israeli Air Force AH-64 Apache fired Hellfire missiles.
March 22nd, 1997EventTara Lipinski, age 14 years and 10 months, becomes the youngest champion of the women s world figure skating competition.
March 22nd, 1997EventThe Comet Hale-Bopp has its closest approach to earth.
March 22nd, 1995EventCosmonaut Valeriy Polyakov returns after setting a record for 438 days in space.
March 22nd, 1993EventThe Intel Corporation ships the first Pentium chips (80586), featuring a 60 MHz clock speed, 100+ MIPS, and a 64 bit data path.
March 22nd, 1989EventClint Malarchuk of the Buffalo Sabres suffers a near-fatal injury when another player accidentally slits his throat.

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